Find the right job for you. Find the fit first.

At The Fit First, we believe that in order to find a job you’ll truly be happy in, you need to focus on the cultural fit first. That means knowing what environment you work best in, what type of management style you prefer, and overall how you like to work.

Think about the past couple of places you have worked. Did you stop to consider whether or not you would enjoy working there day to day? Or were you more concerned about just getting hired. In a recent survey, 91% of people surveyed in Toronto said they were not happy in their jobs. 82% of people said they research work-life balance when looking for jobs. 100% of those surveyed said finding the right fit and work-life balance were important to them.

By using The Fit First to search for jobs, you benefit from the opportunity to gain insight into the culture of the role, team, and company to which you are applying. The employers whom list jobs with us, share a similar mindset. They believe in the importance of work culture, work-life balance, and finding the right fit in a candidate, to match the position.


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