Better employers, Happier employees.

Finding a job that you are happy in is almost as hard as finding one person to share your life with.
Just like any relationship, we believe that overall job satisfaction starts with knowing what your needs are.
When you know what you need to be happy at work, you should be able to search for a job that will provide it.
That’s why we created this site.


The employer you want to work for is one who recognizes what you need to be successful, and nurtures those needs. Such employers do exist, and we want to bring them to you. Our goal over the next year is to highlight employers that focus on improving work environment and culture to fit your needs for growth and ensure your employment success.

As we continue to grow, we will showcase employers who have adapted a fit-first culture mentality. We’ll bring you success stories of jobseekers like yourself who have found a happy and successful environment to contribute to.

 Your happiness is our success, and we want  you to find it with the fit first.

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Promoting a mentality.

 Our contribution to society is bringing forth the concept and awareness of employers obligation to their employees. There is a shift in way the current job seeker thinks about a job. They now value happiness, low stress, convenience, lifestyle, environment, and the social and cultural impact potential employers have.

This new breed of jobseeker understands that they will not truly be happy in their place of employment until they match their moral, lifestyle, ethical, and environmental needs.


Changing the way you think about work.

By promoting the brand and the concept, thefitfirst is instituting a mindset and a movement. We’re empowering employers to promote their social and cultural aspects that jobseekers are looking for. We’re setting the bar for competitors to change the way they work, or risk losing top tier talent. We’re encouraging better lifestyles for employees, and letting them know that it’s ok to want more, and to not settle for anything but what fits them.

 Welcome to Fit First!